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A Netflix Cracking Tutorial Below.


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So before you start cracking these accounts , you will need the following. 
1.RDP (A virtual machine to allow anonymity while cracking and also to ensure you are safe from any malware that is present in the cracker / checker)
2.Proxies (Paid once is more preferred , but if you really cannot afford , then just use proxy scraper to scrap some from various sources)
3.Combolist (Contains the various combinations of email:pass or user:pass which will be used by the checker to check the validity of the combo)
4.Necessary Tools : Netflix v1.1 / ANY NETFLIX TOOL , ANY Proxy Tool 
Now this are the steps to crack the accounts :
1.Load your combo-list 
2.Load your proxies (Make sure to select the correct proxy type (socks5 , HTTP/s)
3.Select the number of threads you want (Usually I set to 100 , but it depends how good your PC / RDP actually is)
4.Click on start and allow the programme to run
5.After completion , click on “save hits” to save the combos that are valid
From my personal experience , if you would like to start a account shop / business , I highly recommend that you purchase proxies. It is a little expensive but it is 100% worth it. Shitty proxies might skip potential valid hits and thus causing the combo not to be captured.
One of the websites that I recommend purchasing from is https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/ 
For combolist , if you are a beginner , it is recommended that you purchase from REPUTABLE sellers that gives you HQ accounts , or you can just leech from any forum and use em. But please don’t be an ass and appreciate people’s hardwork by giving them a like / rep .
Kappapogchamp For Bruteforce/Checker , you can simply google to find em or look around cracked.to to find em. Last but not least , this knowledge is not ONLY applicable to Netflix but other account types as well. You just need the right TOOL and the right COMBOLIST and then BOOM , get those accounts and resell it for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Sorry if it is poorly written but this is my first guide. Pardon me for any mistakes if there is XD. Otherwise , ENJOY CRACKING

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